Boat Specification
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Our catamaran is an ideal place for relaxing, discovering new places or socializing; A group of eight or ten people can stay on the catamaran very comfortably, without encroaching on each others’ space...

What is a typical day on the catamaran?

Relax, Relax, sunbath, sail and discover Phuket, Krabi, Phang Na bay, Phi Phi, or even go further to dive on the Similan islands, or Surin groups and of course you can also freely snorkel, play cards, read, eat great exotic fruits, enjoy Thai and International food, or a body massage. Scuba diving or fishing expeditions can be arranged while others may prefer sailing, snorkeling or going ashore for village exploration, cross-island hike or a day at the spa or night partying.

Which itineraries?

Your vacation will varies depending of what you like to do. There are so many fantastic places to go. We can suggest you some great itineraries programs or we can tailor to your need. Anyway keep in mind that Andaman is a real heaven on earth, so you will not be disappointed.

When to come?

You can enjoy the Andaman sea all year long, the climate is tropical. Nevertheless you will encounter more wind and rain during the low season from May until October. If you like to have good wind for sailing, this is probably the best time to come. If otherwise you prefer less wind, hot and sunny holidays all day, you might prefer from November until April. Weather is dominated by the monsoon winds that blow all year round. It is therefore always warm and nice.

Who should go?

You can seclude yourself and spend your honey-moon on board, or you can propose to charter it with some of your friends or spend some special days with your relatives! Any combination is possible. You can host up to 10 persons comfortably.

You can either choose to charter the boat by yourself and prepare your own food, or you can choose the pleasure of having a skipper on board who will bring you to the best places and a cook who will make you discover the best foods. Looking forward fully relaxed holidays? We recommend you to rely on the expertise of a professional skipper and be pampered all day long with a nice full package.

What Budget and package?

When you charter the catamaran, you will be renting the boat. The Rates are referring to the price to be paid per day for the full boat. You might decide to come at 6 or 8; this will be up to you.Please click here for more details on Rates.

Passport and VISA

Before departure, check to ensure that each person traveling holds a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the return date. For more details you might want to check with the Thai embassy before departure particularly if you need a VISA. Some countries must request VISA in advance other might get it upon arrival and other will not need to pay for it. Be careful to ensure the validity of your passport several months before departure as it might take 15 days to up to 2 months to renew a passport.